Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Disaster

My heart goes out to all who were injured, became homeless or lost loved ones in this recent disaster. We are so far from the devastated area here, and that is a relief, but the images we see (along with the rest of the world) are very sobering.

This post is merely to give some options for information on the disaster and especially information on the nuclear disaster. Right now a lot of the media in the west is very alarmist at times and there are nasty rumors circulating on twitter and via email.

Here are a few good articles and blog posts to help:

English language news sources:
○Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet


○NHK World


Disaster related vocab for watching the news in Japanese:

Some perspective from someone close to Nagoya:

An op ed in the Wall Street Journal about why there will not be another Chernobyl

a good blog post with info about the radiation

From the nuclear power industry:
(not the most reliable necessarily, but technically useful)

perhaps more reliable- from scientists

The image above was drawn by my wife and posted on her blog.

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