Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas was nice. We decorated from the 100 yen store. The biggest one in Kyoto is the Daiso on Sanjo just west of the Sanjo shopping street. They had plastic trees from 500-1000 yen. We got the biggest one and then got pretty decked out with various ornaments. We also got the Muji Christmas cookie house. (See the picture) On Christmas eve we went to the illumination in the Botanical Garden. It was pretty, but cold. Afterward we went to Mamezen for Kyoto style soy milk ramen. (Maybe I'll write it up for my forthcoming restaurant review series). Christmas morning was fun and the kids ate more candy than ever. For Christmas dinner we had a replay of the Thanksgiving one, but with my grandmother's English sausage stuffing.
Here is a picture of the tree with presents from Nana and Grandpa. (Thanks guys)

Here's to being a better blogger next year...

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