Saturday, November 27, 2010

Omuro eighty-eight

This is a hike up behind the Ninna temple by Ryoanji. It goes past 88 small temples that replicate a pilgrimage on Shikoku. It is a nice hike, of about 2 and a half miles. It is a loop and that is nice, plus counting the temples is a good way to pass the time for the kids- plus it helps them know how far it is: 44 to the top (more or less) and 44 back down. One way to go is to go into Ninna temple, go through the complex and out the west gate. Go straight out the gate for about 150 meters and up the hill to the right when the road reaches a T. Follow the trail and the temples until you get to number 88- the big one near a pond. Follow the road back to Ninna-ji. It is also possible to get to the start of the trail by going up the west side of Ninna-ji and finding the west gate there, but you might as well go through the complex- there is a decent bike parking lot near the main gate and plenty of buses go by (10, 26, 59) and the Arashiyama train line (the Kitano Hakubaicho line) also goes nearby.
Here is my "" map of the route.
Omuro 88 at EveryTrail

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