Sunday, January 9, 2011

Omiya Traffic Park

Today we went to the Omiya traffic park. It was a blast! It is a decently large go-cart track and playground. The playground is fun, but the real draw is the go-carts. The track goes around with real stop lights and pedestrian crossings etc., designed to teach about traffic safety.
The park is open everyday but Tuesday. The catch is that the go-carts only run on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays (including summer vacation). Individual tickets are 200Y for one person go-carts (for 3rd grade to Jr high) and 250Y for two person go-carts. Individual tickets are sold in the vending machines, but the window sells three ticket packets for each- 500Y for one person carts and 600Y for the two person go-carts. For the two person go-carts you need an adult and a child- two kids can't ride. We went through two packets of each and still got two more two person tickets for a final race around the track. It is pretty addicting. E said that he is now almost ready to drive after so much practice and I don't know that I have ever seen 3 year old S so happy.
Here is the link.
It is pretty far north, north of Kitaoji AND Kitayama streets and west of Omiya. The 46 bus goes right to it.

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